Bogota modernity continued tour leads you through Bogota, the zone that is known as the International Centre and surrounding interesting spots and area’s. A wide variety of  locations will be visited where it is possible to observe characteristics of Colonial, Modern and present architecture in Bogota. While at the same time it is a transition zone between the Historic Centre and the developments of the middle of the 20th century. Bogota modernity continued tour will give you a very diverse picture of the growth and transformation of Bogota.


Additional information

LunchA typical tasty lunch in the market place is included.
CameraMake sure to bring your camera or mobile with full battery so that you can take pics.

8:00 meetingpoint

Meetingpoint: Parque de La Independencia

8:15-12:00 Parque de La Indepencia, Parque Bicentenario and The international Centre and surrounding neighborhoods

 Tour International Centre with a professional guide, that will highlight historical, architectural & social contexts (neighborhood change, project development and realization)  .

12:00-13:30 Visit Market and lunch in market place

 Visit to a Market place, with background information of market places in Bogota and lunch to enjoy the sights and sounds of a small traditional market place   with local flavors

13:00 Finish: Parque de La Independencia

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