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Pionero offers interesting tours in in different categories: architecture, urban change, and made to measure tours.  We want to offer you an extra ordinary perspective. Find the tour of your interest in Bogota and daytrips in the surroundings of this great city: The savana of Bogota.

Our tours and daytrips around Bogota divided in themes: Architecture, History , Bogota &  Savanna of Bogota. You can already check the tour of your interest here. Ofcourse we can also organize activities outside these categories as well. See the section: Made to Measure.

Architecture Tours
Architecture Tours
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Cultural tours in Bogota
Tours in Bogota
Tours in Bogota
Tours in the Savanna of Bogota
Tours in the Savanna of Bogota

Pionero offers both “Ready Made”  and “Made to Measure Tours”. We will make the tour of your interest together with you.

We want to have you a refreshing stay in which you get to know the proceses behind the reality of this beautiful country. We will let you know how it was before, shed light on current issues and developments.

We have a professional team that will think together with you what and how you want in your tour, travel and journey. We can offer you hiking activities or arrange a car or bus to show you the most interesting places of Bogota and Colombia.

Made TO Measure Tours

We are constantly thinking out new interesting tours in Colombia. But we can also make your travel or journey in Colombia together with you. For “Made to Measure” tours, travels & journeys in Colombia.  please contact us with your wishes like what kind of cultural tourism and we can make a tour together with you. The way you want it to be organized.

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Ready Made Tours

Below you find a selection of our ready made tours in Bogota and daytrips to the surrounding area. If use the tour-finder you will find the tours that match with your dates that fits you best.

Parrishes in Bogota: urbanism, architecture and cultural tour

Parrishes in Bogota: urbanism, architecture and cultural tour leads you through an interesting area with a focus on culture & neighbourhood change. The parishes of Las Nieves and Las Aguas are part of the historical centre of Bogota. Every street and street-corner has testimonies of its distant past and its passing through time to the 21st century. In this tour you can visit emblematic places like "El Eje Ambiental" , The churches of Las Aguas and Las Nieves, and some of the traditional cafes here, of which many are in this area since the beginnings of the 20 th century. In this time Bogota was considered as the Athens of Latin America. Cafes were the place to meet and chit-chats of the high society of the era. We can observe the recent  transformations of this area triggered by new interest in the city-centre as place to live and study in new places that use contemporary  21 th century languages.

Guatavita: El dorado near Bogota tour

Guatavita: El dorado near Bogota tour will bring you to Guatavita. Guativata is the lake of the legend of El Dorado. Few people know that the famous  legend of El Dorado originated close to Bogota. The Legend of El Dorado is one of the most fascinating history of the Muisca Culture, a pre hispanic culture that occupied most of the provinces of Cundinamarca and Boyaca. The Guatavita: El dorado near Bogota tour permits us to get to know the savanne of Bogota, we will pass through Sesquile municipality that formed part of the " Gran Cacicazgo de Guatavita" . This is the way the Spaniards called the area in  which the sacred lake of Guativita also lies. After that we will visit "El Dorado" and the new town of Guativita that was rebuilt totally in 1967 after a hydroelectric dam was constructed in a river near Guatavita lake which resulted in the flooding of the old town. The old town can be found on the bottom of the reservoir. The village was rebuilt in a modern neo colonial style.

Zipaquira the route of salt tour.

Zipaquira the route of salt tour will bring you back to the days in which salt  was one of the most important commodities that was traded between the different muiscas communities surrounding the present day Bogota in the pre hispanic period  and other cultural groups farther away such as the Quimbaya, Sinu, Tayrona and Calima tribes . This tour will lead us over the ancient trail to Tunja and shows us part of the savanna and  the city  Zipaquirá.

Bogota modernity continued tour

Bogota modernity continued tour leads you through Bogota, the zone that is known as the International Centre and surrounding interesting spots and area's. A wide variety of  locations will be visited where it is possible to observe characteristics of Colonial, Modern and present architecture in Bogota. While at the same time it is a transition zone between the Historic Centre and the developments of the middle of the 20th century. Bogota modernity continued tour will give you a very diverse picture of the growth and transformation of Bogota.  

Hidden jewels in Bogota: Architecture and Urbanism Tour Teusaquillo

Hidden jewels in Bogota: Architecture and Urbanism Tour Teusaquillo will bring you to the Tuesaquillo neighbourhood close to the Candelaria is a neighbourhood full of stories and interesting people in the past and present. Hidden jewels in Bogota: Architecture and Urbanism Tour Teusaquillo begins in the Centro de Memoria just outside near old historical centre of Bogota . We will enter this museum and talk with people about the period of conlflict and peace. Every house has a story to tell as well. We will enter the Tuesaquillo neighbourhood and pass by many of the monumental houses and on the way tell you about it's residents and neighbourhood changes. Hidden jewels in Bogota: Architecture and Urbanism Tour Teusaquillo is a nice way to get out of the touristic hotspots and get to know another part of Bogota, and to put the city and its development in the perspective of archuitecture, urbanism and neighbourhood change.