Bogota lies in the Andes, The northern Andes in Colombia consists of three mountain ranges separated by valleys and high plateaus : The western mountain range (cordillera occidental), the central mountain range ( cordillera central) , and the eastern mountain range (cordillera oriental). The peaks of these mountain ranges are higher than 4000 meters above see level. Between these peaks there are high plains (altiplanos). Most important altiplano is the altiplano on which Bogota grew: The Cundi-boyacan altiplano. With directly around the city the savanna. In the savanna you are really out of the city in the calm and relaxed country side.
Here you can check our tours in the savanna of Bogota

Guatavita: El dorado near Bogota tour

Guatavita: El dorado near Bogota tour will bring you to Guatavita. Guativata is the lake of the legend of El Dorado. Few people know that the famous  legend of El Dorado originated close to Bogota. The Legend of El Dorado is one of the most fascinating history of the Muisca Culture, a pre hispanic culture that occupied most of the provinces of Cundinamarca and Boyaca. The Guatavita: El dorado near Bogota tour permits us to get to know the savanne of Bogota, we will pass through Sesquile municipality that formed part of the " Gran Cacicazgo de Guatavita" . This is the way the Spaniards called the area in  which the sacred lake of Guativita also lies. After that we will visit "El Dorado" and the new town of Guativita that was rebuilt totally in 1967 after a hydroelectric dam was constructed in a river near Guatavita lake which resulted in the flooding of the old town. The old town can be found on the bottom of the reservoir. The village was rebuilt in a modern neo colonial style.

Zipaquira the route of salt tour.

Zipaquira the route of salt tour will bring you back to the days in which salt  was one of the most important commodities that was traded between the different muiscas communities surrounding the present day Bogota in the pre hispanic period  and other cultural groups farther away such as the Quimbaya, Sinu, Tayrona and Calima tribes . This tour will lead us over the ancient trail to Tunja and shows us part of the savanna and  the city  Zipaquirá.