Pionero’s services: Tours based on research

Pionero offer the following services in Colombia: tours based on research

Contact with local communities and people

Pionero is building up networks with local communities and guides to give you refreshing and deepening stories and information from the inside. With focus on culture, urbanism  history & architecture.


We offer guided different tours that are thought out in  Bogota. Pionero Tours focus on different aspects of Colombian Culture: history, urbanism, architecture, urban ecology and transformation processes. These tours have been made to bring you closer to the reality of Colombia by also  telling you about contexts and backgrounds. We would like to bring our love for Colombia across to you. See our tours for more information. Our tours focus on urbanism, history,  architecture and social change.

Made to measure Tours

At your request we can make a Made a Measure Tour for you based on your own interests and wishes. Whether it is nature, history, architecture, or family visits or a combination of aspects, we will make a tour for you according to your wishes and interests.

Airport Pick up

Contact us for more information about the service we offer.

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