City of Bogota car free for one day.

Bogota car free! Is it possible to clean the air for one day in a city of 7,5 million? Bogota car free already has a tradition of 20 years, and in the coming years the city will be car free every first Thursday of February from 5 a. m. a 9 p.m. This year the 6th of February is car free. How can you move around? By bike , taxi, or bus or on foot under a bright blue sky. Almost 2 million cars and 500,000 scooters and motors will not hit the road today. Another free car day in Bogota. The mayor Claudia Lopez has announced that Bogota is going to be car free on the 22nd of September, the “world day without car“, as well.

Cali capital of the Valle de Cauca

Cali The capital of Valle del Cauca is Cali, whose official name is Santiago de Cali, also known as the “Sucursal de Cielo".  Which translated means branch of heaven on earth. Founded by Sebastián de Belalcázar in 1536, it is located on the Cordillera Occidental in a warm climate, adorned by the hills of Cristo Rey and Tres Cruces and San Antonio Hill. It is the third most important city in Colombia, after Bogota and Medellín. The warmth of its climate means it has a sunny and pleasant weather all year round, which is also reflected in its inhabitants, that are open to receive the visitors who come every day to this cosmopolitan city. Its culture is reflected in innumerable theaters, and delicious food that is  product of a cultural mix, and in Salsa music and dance. In this city innumerable salsa schools are established, which give the people of

Bogota a Canvas for Urban Art

Urban art in Bogota, if you take a look in retro perspective you can see how different walls throughout the city have been filled with color through responsible urban art.  Urban art in Bogota already has a tradition. It is perhaps the most important element in the urban projects that have recently filled the city since it has allowed young people, who in many cases did not have an adequate medium of expression, to pass to be clandestine art to be considered  now true examples of cultural manifestations that contributes to the recovery of run down, underutilized areas and in the social transformation of neighborhoods or urban sectors. Often maintaining the underground atmosphere, and obscurity of their art by not being in the spot light themselves or by remaining anonymous. What for many may be a simple scratch on a wall, for young artists are tags, their signature or brand

La Guajira: The Real Touristic Story.

Nowadays touristically La Guajira is known for its space, desert and beaches and is a very interesting part of Colombia to visit. Because of it’s landscape, culture and ecology. It still doesn’t have a lot of tourist infrastructure. But this is where to go if you want to see a completely different Colombia . La Guajira is the most northern part of Colombia borders Venezuela, Aruba, and Curacao. It is situated on the Caribbean Coast. La Guajira is also one of the most inhospitable, dry and poor parts of Colombia . This peninsula the most eastern part of Colombia and South America was seen for the first time by an European in 1498 when Alonso de Ojeda sailed along the shores the peninsula. It was near the most Northern point of the peninsula very near to the place that is now called Bahia Honda (Deep Bay) on which Alonso de

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