There are so many hungry families that have to find their food every day. We were sitting in a restaurant in Paraiso when a young man came in selling  bags going from table to table. Someone asked if he wanted to eat something and gave him the menu to order. He ate and said thanks. A small drop in the water but someone has been helped that moment.

We want to ask your help to help poor families out.

We have decided to not just look and act. Why? to help people that suffer from acute poverty with a survival kit with food and school items.

The cost of a survival kit is  around COP 40,000/ $10/ Euro 10 and will be distributed in two areas.

We have defined two destinations for your contributions:

  1. El Voto Nacional-This neighborhood is situated in the centre of the city of Bogota. It’s  a 20 minutes walk from the Candelaria. Many houses are squatted by poor families. The local church “El Voto” has an active priest that has contact with different poor families.
  2. El Paraiso-  A neighborhood the south of the sprawling city of Bogota. It is in the locality of Cuidad Bolivar. The neighborhood looks out over the city and has recently been connected to the urban rapid bussystem by cable car. It takes around 1,5 hours to reach this part of Bogota form the centre. This is an informal neighborhood with a lot of migrants from other parts of Colombia and the world.



  • During the buying and handing out of the survival kits  pictures will be taken.
  • The copies of the bills and excel sheet with collected donations and costs of the survival kits will be shared realtime.
  • All the collected fund will go to family in needs (no overhead).

How to make your contributions.