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First days of lock down in Bogota.

A countrywide lockdown was announced Friday by the Colombian President Ivan Duque, after some differences between in opinion about a “total curfew” in the different municipalities who wanted a lock down ,  a country wide quarantine ,or a scheme in which only older people would be asked to remain at home.

The lockdown began on the 25th of March and will initially last until the 13th of April. Bogota and other cities began with a drill for the quarantine from Friday until Monday, which was a bank-holiday. Between Saturday March 21 and Tuesday 23 the amount of cases of the virus grew from 235 to 378 in Colombia.

A supermarket on Sunday March 22.

In Bogota the weekend was quiet and in the supermarket near Corferias there was enough food available. The Bogotans seemed to respect the lockdown. However on Tuesday there seemed to be more vehicles on the street, and people using public transport.

The dilemma is between a measure to slow down the corona virus by limiting mobility and forcing people to stay at home and accepting free movement and letting people go to their workplace producing a bigger spread of the virus. Only shops that sell food such as supermarkets, medicines and clinics, and hospitals are allowed to be open. But on Tuesday it seemed that more shops in the neighborhood were open. On the other hand Human Rights organizations in general are sceptic of the effects on human rights of lock down schemes, and the effect that it has on the social position of vulnerable groups in society. Although programs are being set up by the mayor of Bogota such as shelters for homeless, these times mean a radical change in possibilities to get an income, and the outcome of this process is uncertain and not yet clear.



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