To talk about Colombia immediately brings up the Colombia magical reality feel that Gabriel Garcia Marquez expressed in his stories. You have to come to enjoy the Colombia magical reality feel. The magical reality feel can be found on it’s streets, mountains and beaches. This South American country from our travel-experience has everything for a great time during your stay. Nice people, culture and a great variety of landscapes makes this a perfect destination for your vacation and travel.

“Surrealism runs through the streets,” Gabriel Garcia Marquez told “The Atlantic” in 1973 to describe his fatherland Colombia The author died in april 2014 but his writings reflect much of the communal cultures that still persist in the villages of the Colombian coast ,countryside, and the neighboorhooods of the even big cities today.

We have met so many people that are enthusiastic about country and that come back to discover and travel more. I remember meeting a group of friends from many places in Peru travelling through many countries. When I asked them what country they liked most, they said: Colombia. Because of the nice people and the beautiful country. This was a long time ago before I got to know the country. And you know what? Now I understand. It is difficult to explain.

Magic Realism is the name that is officialy used to promote this beautiful country. Pionero can help you discover the marvels of this country. The way you want it. We want you to have a great time on your travel in this magical country.



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