Bogota close to the stars

Bogota is located on 2.600 meter above seelevel with in its surroundings the savanna of Bogotá.

View over Bogota

The city is built against the eastern mountain range (eastern Cordillera) that dominate the city. It is also the broadest of the three ranges  with high plains (alto planos) that extend to 250 km.

Welcome to Bogota

Bogota seems to be crawling onto the eastern mountain range, where large forests are located which before the arrival of the Spaniards were considered sacred by the Muiscas. Because of their connection with the sun, their great God. In this area Teusaquillo was located, place of retirement of the Caciques (Lords) of the  Muiscas. To the west and north of this vast territory lies the Savanna of Bogotá, a large area full of waterfalls, ravines and rivers that are born in the mountains and fertility brought to the lowlands for the cultivation of maize, potatoes, ahuyama, beans, chusque, among others.

This great city that officially is called Santa Fe de Bogota is now a bustling city. In recent years it has become a source of inspiration for those who are here if only for a day, a week or forever. It is a city in permanent transformation, product of its diversity. The place chosen for its location in 1538 was Teusaquillo and in 1539, its official foundation was in the Plaza de Bolivar, which today remains the heart of the city.

The city is the third highest capital in South America (after La Paz and Quito), and the fourth highest in the world (after Thimphu Bhutan). Bogota grew rapidly in the twentieth century and continues to grow in the course of this century. This city is famous for its hospitality and diversity. Nowadays it welcomes more and more tourists, as well as people from other places of the country who look for better opportunities. In 2016, nearly one million tourists were received, according to data from the District Institute of Tourism.

Bogota mixes, integrates and  renovates and welcomes you to be part of it and hopefully stay.