Bogota is a city with more than 8 million inhabitants. The city grew fast in the past century, especially since the 50;s. The infrastructure did not keep up with population growth. This means that in recent years  there is a lot of congestion especially during peak hours. Since 1998 to lessen the amount of cars the  “Pico y Placa”  (Peak & Plate in Spanish) is introduced  which means that during peak hours on workdays  (6:00 AM- 8:30 AM and from 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM )  the use of vehicles in Bogota is restricted to plates ending in odd  or even numbers depending on the odd or even date.

Pico y placa 
Workingdays even0-2-4-6-8
Workingdays uneven1-3-5-7-9





Transmilenio is a bus-system that exclusively transits free buslanes. Typically two lanes of the avenues are being used with in the middle a platform that is covered. The Transmilenio system has a broad coverage of the city, in east-west and north-south direction. One ride costs 1600 pesos (around €0,50) , but a plastic card (Tu Llave) has to be bought that can be topped up. The card costs 6000 pesos (around €2).

There are many taxis in Bogota. When you arrive at the airport look for the official taxi stop. In the city you can stop a taxi on the street. In the evening & at night it is advised to use a app such as Tapsi or Easy Taxi, or to ask at a restaurant or hotel to call a taxi.


Prices Taxi


Units (1 unit =100 meters)

Price per unit=COP 82

Starttarif28COP 2300

(8PM -5AM) / weekend/ public holiday supplement

 COP 2000
Airport supplement COP 4100


 COP 600
Price per hour COP 18500

Colombia is the most prominent Latin American country in cycling & mountainbiking.

Cyclepaths: Bogota has the most kilometers of cycle paths (392 km) of South America and more than 60 guarded bike-parkings.

Besides this there are a lot of complemtary services : such as bike rent,  and -repair.


The ciclovia is a tradition that already exists in Bogota since 1974 in which designated main avenues are closed for cars giving space for people on bikes, walking, jogging & dancing. This urban event takes place on sundays and public holidays form 7:00 am to 2:00 pm on more than 110 km. It is an interconnected network of car free avenues with on central points pitstops for bike repair, gym activities  and for a snack or a drink.

The ciclovia is being held every sunday and public holidays. Ciclovia Map


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