Safety in Bogota an interesting topic. Basicaly safety in Bogota is good if you follow some common rules. If you ask a Bogotan about the safety in the city. They will definitely say that the city has become much saver in recent years, each year there are coming more tourists that are welcomed. The city is happy to get rid of its negative imago because of internal conflict in the country.

Bogota has  many interesting places, histories and legends to tell, and is now in a very special period of the era of peace that bings optimism, tolerance and creativity.  There has been a lot of investment in different parts of the cities and the growth of home grown restaurants, stores, products, art, galleries and music that express the optimism, creativity and good taste of Bogota & Colombia. Bogota is a city of optimism and creativity. People come to Bogota to be inspired and look for opportunities, and Bogota welcomes us all.

Don’t give papaya.

Most of the city is safe, with lots of kind and helpful people. There are neighborhoods with poverty and social problems too. Not strange in a country with big differences in income and with a lot of internal refugees. Most are situated in the urban fringe but there are some around the old historic centre of Bogota as well. The neighborhoods are marked with  on the map.

“Don’t give Papaya” is an Colombian expression that  means : watch out not to give the opportunity that other people take advantage of you, by being distracted or not being aware where you keep your valuables or don’t watch your surroundings. Safety in Bogota is good if you follow the rules that makes that you don’t give papaya.

Rules How to avoid to give Papaya in Bogota:

 When you phone on the street be careful be aware of your surroundings

 Don’t phone on buses or be very careful when you do so

 When you take out money from a cash dispenser with a door that can be locked, lock the door behind you.

 Be sure to have your bag or rucksack closed.

Don’t carry your passport but a copy when you are not going out of the city or airport.

Don’t take out your wallet on the street or public transport or be careful when you do so. Put some small money in your pocket in case you need it.

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