Pionero offers interesting tours in Bogota and Colombia. Pionero is created by Tim Biervliet, a geographer from Holland that lives in the city of Bogota. In the Netherlands he specialized in Human Geography and environmental issues. He has built up a lot of experience as social worker in social projects around the world. He felt in love with the culture, nature and history of Colombia in all it’s aspects and likes to brings this over. He finished a specialization in Landmarkets, -policies and urbanism at the National University of Colombia.

He also finished  the one year course offered by the Colombian Institute of National Learning SENA: Preparation and implementation of technical tools for the tourist guide, in order to be able to work as an official tourist guide in Colombia.

Pionero works with a  multi-disciplinary group of professionals that are specialized in architecture, urbanism, history, and human geography. We carry out investigations about environmental, urban and social topics. This permits us:

to do research and make interesting tours in Bogota and Colombia connected with the history, proceses of today and local community.

to contribute to giving you a pleasant stay with a broadening and deepening view of Colombia. We offer refreshing and intersting tours in Bogota and Colombia by providing extensive background information on social, historical, architectural and urbanistic topics and to connect you with local communities.

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