Who are pionero?

Pionero offers interesting tours in Colombia. Interesting tours in Colombia with a focus on architecture, history, culture and local community. Pionero is created by Tim Biervliet, a geographer from Holland that lives in the city of Colombia. In the Netherlands I specialized in Human Geography and environmental issues. I built up a lot of experience as social worker in social projects around the world. I felt in love with the culture and history of Colombia in all it’s aspects and would like to bring over the stories and connections with the present and past of aspects and places this country. I studied geography in Amsterdam, and followed a specialization in Landmarkets and -policies at the National University of Colombia.

I also finished  the one year course offered by the Colombian Institute of National Learning SENA: Preparation of technical tools for the tourist guide. 

Why choose Pionero?

Research & Advice

We of Pionero do research to make and offer tours that are connected to the history, culture, and community of the places you visit

Socially involved

Pionero wants to contribute to social equality in Bogota and Colombia

Deep and refreshing tours

Pionero offers tours that focus on architecture, culture  and history and geography to give you the focus on past, context and current developments of the places you visit.


For us is important to comply with the things we promise and a a short line with our customers.

Support Team

Whenever needed we are available 24 hours a day.

Passionate Travel

We want to bring over our love for Colombia and Bogota.

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