City of Bogota car free for one day.

Bogota car free! Is it possible to clean the air for one day in a city of 7,5 million?

Bogota car free already has a tradition of 20 years, and in the coming years the city will be car free every first Thursday of February from 5 a. m. a 9 p.m. This year the 6th of February is car free.

View of the Candelaria from the direction of the Airport on Car Free day 2020.

How can you move around?

By bike , taxi, or bus or on foot under a bright blue sky. Almost 2 million cars and 500,000 scooters and motors will not hit the road today.

Another free car day in Bogota.

The mayor Claudia Lopez has announced that Bogota is going to be car free on the 22nd of September, the “world day without car“, as well.


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