Visit Villavicencio from Bogota

A tourist from outside Colombia will not soon have Villavicencio on his or her list. Villavicencio is a city that has always been more attractive for people from Bogota and visitors who want to go out for a weekend. Villavicencio deserves your visit, especially in the so-called “puentes” which means bridges and this is when Colombians have a three-day weekend, many Bogotanos make use of the opportunity to then go to Villavicencio. Three days gives you enough time to visit the city. The journey by car takes about two and a half hours. The journey goes down through the oriental cordillera which gives a beautiful view of the eastern plains, across several tunnels and bridges and which reach heights of 3500 meters.

Reasons for the trip

The reasons to make a plan for a  trip to Villavicencio is that the city lies much  lower than Bogota, this gives a warmer climate and culture.  The flora and fauna very different from the savannah of Bogota. This is a landscape that is a stretched plain of grassland. The culture of Villavicencio and its surroundings is the culture of llaneros (people of the plains) coupled with cattle and horses and has its own music and dance, like the joropo, and a culture of grilled meat.

The eastern plains is a landscape resembling a sea of ​​grass with gallery forests and rivers and streams that overflowed in the rainy season the lower parts of the plains.

Villavicencio is a city of almost half a million inhabitants but is less crowded than Bogota, life goes slowly and it is easy to explore the area if you do not want to stay in the pool of your hotel.

The city has grown enormously in the past 40 years, due to the armed conflict and the mine exploitation. Now in time of peace Villavicencio in the department of Meta is very attractive for tourism-related services. More and more real estate investments have been made in the city by people from Bogotá. Especially a housing market for a second home, and for rest, tourism recreation. Often in apartment complexes with swimming pool. Something that can also be noticed in the quantity and impressing architecture of shopping centers.

Things to do when you are in Villavicencio

Enjoy the warm weather

The climate in Villavicencio is tropical with an average temperature of 25.5 C, which is much hotter than in Bogota with an average temperature of 11.3 C.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the eastern plains from one of her viewpoints

Take the old road to Bogota and you will discover several viewpoints with a beautiful view of Villavivencio and the eastern plains

Visit the Los Ocarros Biopark

Los Ocarros Biopark is a beautiful zoo with animals from the region in a beautiful environment.

Visit the Primavera Urbana shopping center

The Primavera Urban shopping center is part of an apartment complex in Villavicencio that has, among other things, a swimming pool and a chapel. The complex was built in 2014. The shopping center is very well integrated into the natural environment with the use of waterfalls and paths that connects the shopping center with its surroundings that flows over into a park where the water of the streams serves as an environment for fishing , birds and frogs.

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