Between October  25-31 2018 there was another Distrito Graffiti Bogota held in the city. A bit late to post this article, but don’t worry this event has been a yearly event since 2016 so there is a big chance next year it will be held too. It is held in an industrial area on the walls of the old soda factory of Postobon, close to the shopping centre “Outlet de Las Americas” and the Transmilenio station Avenida Americas-KR 53. The event had a budget of COP 200 million (around $70000) and 25 grafiti artist were invited, amongst them artists from outside Colombia, like Jaune  (Belgium), Whatisadam (Canada), Said dokins (Mexico), and  Uriginal (Spain) While the street artist from Barcelona el Pez was in the organization. Graffiti Hot Spot Bogota according to many is one of the richest cities of graffiti of Latin America, that is now promoted as urban street art by the

A tourist from outside Colombia will not soon have Villavicencio on his or her list. Villavicencio is a city that has always been more attractive for people from Bogota and visitors who want to go out for a weekend. Villavicencio deserves your visit, especially in the so-called “puentes” which means bridges and this is when Colombians have a three-day weekend, many Bogotanos make use of the opportunity to then go to Villavicencio. Three days gives you enough time to visit the city. The journey by car takes about two and a half hours. The journey goes down through the oriental cordillera which gives a beautiful view of the eastern plains, across several tunnels and bridges and which reach heights of 3500 meters. Reasons for the trip The reasons to make a plan for a  trip to Villavicencio is that the city lies much  lower than Bogota, this gives a warmer