Another idea is to visit the cable car (teleferico) in Bogota. Colombia has a long history in terms of cable cars.  This all started  with overhead cables to transport coffee. The first was built near Manizales with a length of 72 kilometers, in 1922 and was in use until 1961. Other known cable cars in the country are those of Medellin (2004) and the cable car to Monserrate (1953) in Bogota. A great idea is to visit transmicable cable car in Bogota. The newest cable car in Bogota is Transmicable. This project focuses on better integration of public transport in the city of Ciudad Bolivar.  An area characterized by low incomes, informal land ownership and social complexity. The construction of the cable car was completed in August 2018 and will  start operating in December 2018. Ciudad Bolivar is a city extension on the south side of the city. Families have been