Park Way
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Parkway is an atrractive neighbourhood in the west of Bogota . It lies in the Teusaquillo district. The neighbourhood (barrio) is planned with diagonals that followed the natural course of the arzbispo. The Austrian urban planner Karl Brunner planned Parkway in the thirties of the last century. At this time there was no architectural education at universities in Colombia. So architects and urban planners brought ideas from abroad. At the time most of Bogota was colonial and parts republican in and around the colonial centre with high poulation densities. Parkway is very different with the long park in its middle. That gives an urban green feel to the neighbourhood now. In sunny weekend the park is well used, with people picknicking and there are a lot of interesting small restaurants around the park. Restaurants that serve food from all over the world. It seems that this neighbourhoud with time will get more cosmopolitic and trendy in the relaxed Colombian way.
There is a lot of culture to enjoy such as the Teatro Nacional, Casa E, and the Teatro Arlequín. Teatro Arlequin used to be the cinema of the barrio La Soledad. Parkway is a part of the barrio La Soledad.
Maybe the muli cultural and cosmopolitan feel of the neighbourhood were not already all in the mind of Karl Brunner. But: the concepts of Gardin Cities from the 19th centuries that are very much used in northern Europe and the boulevards of Hausmann can be felt in the design. As well to let the air and light through and to give the user of the area a bit of nature in the city to feel free. The roads are broad and still can handle the Bogotan traffic of today.
In many ways Parkway is a place you should visit when you are near.