Visit Paloquemao market

Paloquemao market is a lively farmersmarket near to the old centre of Bogota. The market gives  the sense of being outside the modern city of Bogota:  in a less organized popular market with the smell and images of fruit, vegetables, fish, flowers and handicrafts, like being in a popular neighborhood or in a village town on market day. This is one of the 21 markets to where farmers from towns around of Bogota come with their products. The first market used to be on the plaza bolivar on friday until 1863 when it was prohibited because of hygienic concerns.

Entrance sign Paloquemao Market

The life of the market hides the market building. The market hall was constructed in 1967  and designed by  Dicken Castro y Jacques Mosseri in a shape that can be described as an quarter of a circle, in which with diagonals different sectoral functions were separated. Only 70% of the original plan was developed. In 2013 the market endured a fire and was restaurated a year later.

Times to Visit

daysopening hours
Monday-Saturday4:30 am-4:30 pm
Sundays & Public Holidays5:00 am-2:30 pm


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