Sunday on the Bogota Fleamarket

London has portobellomarket, New York has the Hells Kitchen Fleamarket, Amsterdam the Waterloplein market& Antwerp the Vogeltjesmarkt (Birdsmarket) while Madrid has the El Rastro.

Bogota every Sunday has two big fleamarkets: Mercado de las Pulgas San Alejo next to Independence Park at the Carrera 7 (La Septima) and the other is the Mercado de Las Pulgas in Usaquen, in the nothern part of the city.

The fleamarket of the San Alejo is the oldest one of Bogota and started almost 30 years ago in the Candelaria on the small square of the  Chorro de Quevedo. Now the market has grown to 330 stands where furniture, antiques, LP’s , artwork , and other old and used objects from Bogota are being sold such as telephones, photographs and travelcases. Also handicraft is being sold, like linnen, stonework and products from the country side.

The fleamarket of Usaquen exists more than 20 years and  has  grown to a big market with around 150 stands now. It is being held on the streets of the centre o the district of Usaquen, that before the growth of Bogota used to be a seperate town. On the market you can find arts, handicrafts, locally made quality products and many other things.

These markets are very interesting to visit, and both are considered heritage sites of the city.

Mercado de las pulgas (Fleamarket) San Alejo

Sundays & Holidays from 9:00 a.m. a 5:30 p.m on the carrera 7 No. 24-70.

Mercado de las pulgas Usaquen takes place every sunday & holidays in the old centre of Usaquen. Calle 119 Con Carrera 6a.


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