Enjoy the Day of the Small Candles (Dia de las Velitas)

The night of the small candles is the night before the Day of the Immaculate Conception and is one of the most traditional religious celebrations in Bogota. As a visitot you will not miss the many candles that the people put on the street.

The day of the little candles is celebrated on the afternoon & eve before and starts with a firework-show from the top of the building of Colpatria that is one of the highest buildings of the city. On the night before the Immaculate Conception candles  are lit and it is also custom to hoist a white flag and hang up lanterns around the windows and entrances of the houses. There are different cultural events in museums and there have extended opening hours and special activities, if you are in town be prepared for a special evening or be surprised.


It is celebrated since 1854 when Pope Pio XI decided to honor the immaculate conception of the Virgin Maria. In which is stated that The Virgin Maria was born without sin. The birth of the Virgin Maria  was already perceived as a wonder since the Middle Ages but was never officially introduced in theology until 1854.

The day of the immaculate conception celebrates the belief in the immaculate conception of the blessed Virgin Mary and is celebrated in Colombia and many other Roman Catholic countries.

The day is a public holiday and the un official start of the Christmas celebrations.

When? 7 & 8 December

Where? Candelaria, Parque Simon Bolivar, and many other places


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